5 Bat Inspired Characters

Written by Suzanne on July 18, 2008

With all The Dark Knight hype this weekend I’ve been thinking about bats lately. I pondered all the exciting Batman related topics I could come up with. From 5 Cool Batman Gadgets to 5 Supporting Dark Knight Actors but for some reason my heart just wasn’t in it. Don’t get me wrong I’m excited to see a film based on the comic book character from Frank MIller. The much talked about outstanding performance by Heath Ledger, along with the amazing visuals and direction of Christopher Nolan, with supporting roles by Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman and Anthony Michael Hall, but I had to come up with something a bit more Housewife in Hollywood and less Entertainment Tonight. Let’s face it, doesn’t everyone know how great the movie is going to be and how cool Batman’s Batcycle (Batpod) is?

With all the Batman ideas on the brain, I was reminded of my cute little bat Bootsana. Yes I adopted a bat! I am one of the many other people who want to help these wonderful creatures with the help of the Bat World Sanctuary, a place for orphan, and injured bats to heal and live up to their full bat potential. You can help a bat without having to keep one hanging in your living room.

Here’s a pic of Bootsana. Isn’t she cute?


You can adopt a bat too at Bat World Sanctuary. Find out more about bats and reasons why they should be protected at www.batworld.org

So here they are:

5 Bat Inspired Characters

1. Stellaluna, children’s book character also starring in the movie of the same name.


2. Rouge the Bat, from the Sonic the Hedgehog Gaming Series


3. Fu-Fu, from the animated series children’s series Sagwa on PBS Kids.

4. Dracula, of course I’m talking about Bela Lugosi’s version:

5. Batman, no not The Dark Knight, this one:



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6 Comments to “5 Bat Inspired Characters”

  1. Donna Blackmon Says:

    Bootsana is a cutie! I heard people interviewed on TV say that The Dark Knight is the best comice movie they’ve ever seen. Some said there are parts in the movie that actually made them tremble and every character did a fantastic job. It’s supposed to be 2 hrs and 20 mninutes long. That’s a whole lot of popcorn, nachos and sweet treats.

  2. Diane Says:

    I’m starting to feel even battier and battier reading this.

  3. Chad Says:

    i saw the dark knight on davidmovie.com
    it was pretty good. ledger did a fantastic job. running time is like 2 hrs 32 mins so yes…bring lots of treats.
    even having seen it on the web, i’m still going to take the missus to see it in the theater. its really hard to see some of the details watching it online…
    i don’t think frank miller had anything to do with the making of the film tho. its directed by christopher nolan. frank miller was however, the original creator of “The Dark Knight” graphic novel if thats what you were referring to. i suppose he may have had some input but he is not referenced in any of the credits that i’ve seen thus far…
    (i just had a visual of batman kicking the joker in the chest and yelling “THIS IS GOTHAM!”) lol…
    i did get kind of tired of christian bale using the clint eastwood raspy voice while dressed up like batman. i don’t know. everyone is saying this is the best comic book based movie yet but i still really lean towards the first xmen movie as being the best. just my opinion…which doesn’t count for much…unless you’re me. heehee…
    i wouldn’t argue with heath ledger’s performance being the best of any comic book based character tho. although hugh jackman WAS wolverine to a tee. lol…

  4. Chad Says:

    what was i thinking?!!! 300 is my favorite comic book based movie. sin city was pretty awesome too. go figure. both of them being frank miller works…
    the movies weren’t necessarily fantastic but they were visually stunning and EXACT replicas of some of the panels in the books.

  5. Suzanne Says:

    Thanks for the clarification Chad. I have altered my post to reflect it more accurately. The first X-Men is my favorite comic book turned movie but I’m waiting eagerly for Arvid Nelson’s Rex Mundi to hit the big screen with Johnny Depp

  6. Diane Says:

    Another good comic one is the Spiderman movies.

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