Guinness World Records Day

Written by Suzanne on November 13, 2008

November 13th, is Guinness World Records Day, the worldwide annual celebration of breaking and setting a record. This should not be confused with Guinness World Drinking Day, if there is one.

I remember looking through the Guinness Book of World Records as a kid, and trying to come up with the new record for anything. I tried jumping on one foot, walking backwards, chewing the most amount of gum, catching coins off my arm like The Fonz, but I was never successful.

From amazing to shocking, these records are a testament to the interesting world we share together. These days the infamous records book can be viewed in more ways than one. The Guinness World Records 2009 book comes with a pair of 3D glasses to view more than 20 3-D photographs, and sports an eye-catching ‘sunburst’ holographic cover.  You can even get interactive with the GWR the video game!

Here’s a vid from Guinness World Records Day 2007:

Have any ideas what world record you’d like to beat? Leave a comment and tell us! HIH can win the Most Comments on a Blog Post record.





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40 Comments to “Guinness World Records Day”

  1. Alicia Says:

    Good luck

  2. petemayo Says:

    LOL, good idea & post :)
    I bet some Stumblers can help us out with this request.

  3. Donna Says:

    Forget breaking a record. When is the Guiness World Drinking Day?

  4. Devin Says:

    Wish you the best of luck! Actually, I didn’t even know there was such a day? Hah!

    You could probably do this. I’m for it!

    Go for it!

  5. Tim B Says:


  6. Shannon Says:

    Best of luck today! I’ll pass along the site to my loved ones!
    Guinness is my favorite beer btw. In case you ever want to buy me one ;)

  7. Diane Says:

    I didn’t know that was today. I wonder if that is related to the Guinness beer.

  8. Angela Says:

    I’m stumped. I can’t think of a single record I’d like to break. Although it’s so cold and gray here, maybe most time in a hottub. ;)

  9. Audrey Says:

    You break the record for coolest dame! (I know, that was lame…it’s all I could think of!) If it were world Guiness drinking day, I’d have a pint for ya!

  10. Mel Says:

    Good luck! World Records fascinated me as a kid too. I used to buy those fat paperbacks from the book flyers every year.

  11. Heather Liis Says:

    Oo Ooo, I’ll help I’ll help! I’ll post a bulletin later when I get a few min at work. ;)

  12. Jeanette Says:

    Good luck with you quest! I’d like to break the record for the shortest call to a real person at a bank.

  13. DebbieM Says:

    Good luck with that! I would love to see you win! Hope the attempt doesn’t crash your server.

  14. DrDavid Says:

    Works now! yay! Just a few million comments to go! :P

  15. Hollywood Canteen Says:

    Best of Luck to ya!

  16. "D" Says:

    You rock Housewife!!! Now make me lunch… = )


  17. Suzanne Says:

    @Shannon, I’ll remember that, one round of Guinness!

    @D, How bout I order a pizza! Now that’s lunch HIH style.

    @Hollwood Canteen, I need all the help I can get!

  18. Tasha Says:

    I should win the record for “Most Pairs of Shoes Purchased That Never Get Worn”

    –Queen of “but they felt so comfy in the store”

  19. Arvid Says:

    Here’s to a record-breaking day! :)

  20. Mendy Says:

    It’ll be very interesting to see how this turns out for you…good luck!

  21. Dawnielle Says:

    *smooch!* for you my beauteous friend!

  22. Lizzy Says:

    great idea Suzanne. You could break the record for the most random comments all posted on the same blog!!
    good luck!

  23. Markedmen crew Says:

    Our crew supports you Suzanne!! Good luck in all your endevors!
    ~Markedmen Crew and captain
    (Brandon Hillock)

  24. Karthika Mayo Says:

    What’s the record to beat?

  25. Suzanne Says:

    @Karthikia Mayo, let’s keep the posts coming and find out later. For now I’ll say a lot more than this. lol

    @Markedmen crew, thanks for sailing over mate!

    @Lizzy, you are absolutely right!

    @Dawnielle, right back atcha!

    @Mendy, I’ll keep you posted!

    @Arvid, I’ll send you a virtual Guinness on Facebook to celebrate. ;)

  26. Jeff Says:


  27. Julie Says:

    I’m thirsty!

  28. chad Says:

    I’m with you!!! Guinness for STRENGTH!!!

  29. Enicia Says:

    Ted’ll want to join in on the Guinness drinking day. Lydia wants to read the longest book a 7-y-o could read. Alden wants to hold the most spoons on his face at one time. I want to have a record day with the least sibling squabbles ever! Or maybe I’ll beat the longest temper tantrum myself!!! And then be rewarded with a lollipop (see the 2008 GBWR).

  30. Ken Says:

    My favorite item in the book was always that dude with the really gross, world record breaking finger nails. I liked the fatties and giants, too. And who can forget the world’s sweetest smelling elbow? I was always hoping they’d come out with a scratch-n-sniff edition.

  31. Cynthia Says:

    World records are quite intriguing! I hope this comment helps you achieve your goal. Have a good evening my friend.


  32. Dee Says:

    I actually participated in the Great Guinness Toast several years ago (before child).

    Here’s what Wikipedia says about it: The Great Guinness Toast is an annual event that takes place across the world, usually on the 3rd Friday of February, also known as “St. Practice Day”. The event is considered to have repeatedly broken the world record for largest toast.

  33. Daisy Says:

    Whoooohooooo good luck and I will repost on myspace!!!!!

  34. arnold adoff Says:

    sweets: i try not to wander the wilderness/wildness(read: surf sites)
    but will follow you into the guile of guinness and the retch of records:
    enjoy and kiss the sweet ava: is she ready to send me any poems….
    all best love from us: back here:
    happy though mostly: u n r e c o r d e d:

  35. arnold adoff Says:


  36. Christy Says:

    Good Luck – I have always loved the G.B. records.. some of them are hysterical! good luck =)

  37. April Says:

    Good luck!!!!

  38. Reb Says:

    I haven’t read GB in ages – interesting to see what is in there. Good luck on your GB quest!

  39. Kris Says:

    Here’s to Guinness!

  40. M Says:

    I would like to break the record for most years as a Mom? Hopefully if I live healthy I will have a good shot since I started young. :)

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