PopSchool: Bugs Bunny

Written by Suzanne on April 22, 2011

What happens when you mix pop culture and homeschool? PopSchool!

It’s that time of year again when everyone’s talking about the Easter Bunny. The kiddo decided she wanted to talk Bugs Bunny instead. So that’s what’s been up over here. Get it?

I was a kiddo in the 70’s, a time when retro reruns of Bugs Bunny played on the TV before school, after school and weekends. These days many kids don’t know the difference between the Nestle Quik Rabbit and the Warner Bros. icon.

Of course knowing about Bugs Bunny isn’t a crucial skill and might not help with test scores but like most parents I try to use my kiddo’s interest as a way to learn more about the world. In this case we took a look at the history of Bugs Bunny. We found out Bugs started out as a prototype bunny in 1938. He was dubbed “The Unknown Rabbit” in some of the early Looney Tunes shorts.

In 1940, Tex Avery, officially created Bugs Bunny. Throughout the years, Bugs went through an evolution with various directors & animators adding to his appearance and behavior.

Mel Blanc was well known as the voice of Bugs Bunny. He also voiced other beloved characters like Daffy Duck, Foghorn Leghorn, Yosemite Sam, Speedy Gonzales and many more.

The kiddo liked learning that Bugs Bunny is skillful at the art of arguing. Seeing Bugs trick Elmer Fudd & Daffy Duck with his old “Duck season! Fire!” routine cracks most people up every time.

Bugs Bunny has a handful of famous quotes that many use in conversation today. Especially those inflicted with PCS (Pop Culture Syndrome).

“What’s up doc?”

“Of course you realize… this means WAR.”

“And remember MUD spelled backwards is DUM.”

After we learned a thing or two about Bugs Bunny we looked at the time period when he was created. We asked questions like: Who was the president of the United States in 1940? What was happening in the world in the late 30’s & early 40’s?

We learned that during war time Bugs starred in many cartoons armed against the enemy. There’s a lot of controversy surrounding some of these but like much in pop culture it’s a reflection of society at the time. One thing the kiddo noticed right away is that vintage cartoons are not always politically correct.

The best thing about PopSchool at our house is we have fun while we learn new things. Stay tooned for my next PopSchool post. Get it?

Visit the official Looney Tunes page http://www.kidswb.com/video/Looney-Tunes to see Bugs Bunny in action.



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  1. Lilac Wolf Says:

    I think there’s a lot to be learned from the early cartoons. Even how the characters changed. Daffy duck used to be silly and fun before they made him greedy and annoying.

    Plus there’s all the propaganda cartoons from WWII time.

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