The Saturn Awards

Written by Suzanne on June 24, 2008 – 8:25 am -


Thanks to Gilbert’s Girl on The Johnny Depp Zone for the heads up about this awards ceremony tonight. I think there must be an entertainment awards tribute every day of the year. A housewife like me just can’t keep up with all the fancy to-do’s.

One of my favorite movies, Sweeney Todd, has 8 nominations at The 34th Annual Saturn Awards.

The Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films has been in existence since 1972. Its origin came from The Count Dracula Society, and founder Dr. Donald A. Reed 10 years before. The Count Dracula Society, who knew?

For all you Pirates of the Caribbean fans out there, At World’s End is up for Best Fantasy Film. It goes against Enchanted, The Golden Compass, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Spider-Man 3, and Stardust.

The Best Actor nominations include a few of my favorite actors: Johnny Depp for Sweeney Todd, John Cusack for 1408, and Viggo Mortenson for Eastern Promises.
I hope Helena Bonham Carter receives the Best Actress award. She was bloody brilliant as Mrs. Lovett.

According to their official website, “The Academy has chosen to give The Service Award to Fred Barton for his efforts in manufacturing and promoting world-famous robots. Some of the robots which he currently puts on public display include: Robby (the Robot), Robert B-9 (from “Lost in Space”), and Gort (from “The Day the Earth Stood Still”).”

Danger Will Robinson Danger! On, you can even purchase your very own Lost in Space Robot B-9 for the price of $24, 500.

I’ve been investigating the internet for some sort of broadcast information but unless you’re a nominee or invited to the ceremony I think you’ve got to read the news tomorrow to find out who won.
The more I learn about this ceremony the more I want to see a broadcast. The closest I’ve found was a retro clip via youtube from of William Shatner “singing” Rocketman at the 1978 ceremony.

I’ll have to get a press pass for the 35th Annual Saturn Awards. With all the retro junkie, pirate loving, horror flick watching viewers I have, it’s certainly worth getting all dolled up and taking a ride to Hollyweird.

The image of the Saturn Award is used to illustrate the subject of this post The Saturn Awards.

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