Stars & Stripes Forever

Written by Suzanne on July 1, 2011 – 9:19 pm -

No I’m not thinking of the Heavy Metal reference to “Stars & Stripes Forever”. OK maybe just for a minute. Happy 4th of July Muppet Style!

Have a great weekend!

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Who Has the Biggest Wienie?

Written by Suzanne on July 4, 2008 – 3:00 am -


I just couldn’t resist the title, but the list this week is all about:
America’s Fourth of July Favorites

And here they are:

1. Hot dogs on the grill.

America loves hot dogs and of course they would because they’re the perfect mass market product and they smell so darn tasty when they’re grillin!
I went on a search for America’s Biggest Weinie, you know something like the largest hot dog ever created, but all I could find was the Wienermobile. This is probably one of the best advertising schemes by Oscar Meyer, excluding their other healthful product BOLOGNA.


My bolgona has a first name it’s O S C A R, my bologna has

a second name its M E Y E R.

2. Going to the local 4th of July parade.

Nothing is more American than waving your mini flag while the police department, Girl Scout troop, and fire trucks proudly march the biggest street in town.

Check out one American that decided to be part of the parade right after leaving the local bar. Thanks to mrwizard33 for sharing this clip on Youtube, here’s the info he provides:

Indian Jeff riding his 1912 HD single in the Burien, WA 1991 Fourth of July parade. He was “busted” for “parading without a permit” near the end of the parade route. For many years he would ride the single through a local tavern and come out the front door to join the other “old junk” in the parade. Permit? I don’t need no freakin permit!

 3. Lighting fireworks, firecrackers, and other fire hazard materials.

This is illegal in many of the 50 states, but in some you can throw down as many firecrackers, and fireworks that you can load in the back of your Ford pickup.

I couldn’t find any safety videos on how to light fireworks, probably because it’s not safe. I did find an old clip about summer forest safety from Smokey the Bear, with guest star Vaughn Monroe, one of my favorite singers and bandleaders from the big band era. This clip puts the camp in campy.


4. Dressing up in stars and stripes.


Not only do grown up patriots like to show off their red, white, and blue attire with pride but they love to dress up their kids and pets too. It’s almost like wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day. You don’t want to be caught out in public without wearing your dress blues, and reds. So grab a sparkler, and put on your red, white and blue Wal-Mart tank top! It probably wasn’t made in the US but they did roll back the price.

5. Watching fireworks.

Of course this would be the grand finale of The 5! After all those tri-colored Jell-O shooters, weinies on the grill, and sitting under the hot sun on the sidewalk block or crowded beach, it’s time to ooh and ahh at the marvels of an ancient American tradition. Wait a minute! China was doing this thousands of years before us. Oh well, that’s what America is folks, a melting pot of ideas, traditions, and people all stirred up together into one fine pot of yummy American stew. meltingpot.jpg

Happy Fourth of July!

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