Oscars 2009

Written by Suzanne on February 21, 2009 – 11:45 pm -

Like so many people around the world I grew up watching the Oscars, a.k.a. the Academy Awards. The 1st Academy Awards took place in the Blossom Room of the Hollywood Roosevelt. It just so happened to take place on my birthday, May 16. Of course I wasn’t born yet, the first ceremony was in 1929.

Watching the Oscars has become a tradition for many people. Oscar themed parties, watching the show live at bars and pubs, and these days live chat on the internet while other people commentate or even rant.

This year, I won’t be getting all dolled up to walk the red carpet but I will be having a big plate of nachos and a cherry coke in front of the big screen.

The Oscars Official YouTube channel has a lot of great videos from previous years, including Oscar trailers, speeches and even blunders.

I had a hard time picking out a favorite moment from their video library. I was going to pick one of Bette Davis presenting Marlon Brando with an award for On the Waterfront merely because I thought Bette’s Munchkinesque outfit was worth noting.

Then I found this one of Jim Carrey presenting legendary filmmaker Blake Edwards with an Honorary Academy Award®, at the 76th Annual Academy Awards. Blake Edwards thanks everyone, even the little guy on set that shoveled elephant poop, but he fails to recognize Peter Sellers by name which according to Wikipedia was a big Oscar faux pas. Click here to see what I mean.

It seems that many Oscar moments are streaked with controversy. From Sacheen Littlefeather turning down the Oscar in Marlon Brando’s behalf to Michael Moore blasting George Bush, and an actual streaker crashing the Oscar event.

I wonder what moments will happen this year to be put in the Oscar library for generations to discuss. What is your favorite Oscar moment?

Because I couldn’t find any unique Oscar worthy images you haven’t seen already, I decided to present you with this Oscar from waverlyfilms.com:

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