5 New Summer Shows

Written by Suzanne on June 20, 2008 – 5:00 am -


The Greatest American Dog

12 teams of dogs and owners compete for $250,000. From pageant canines to trained at home pooches they will live together and compete for the grand prize. That’s a lot of dog bones! If there aren’t any squabbles between dogs there is sure to be at least one or two cat fights between owners.

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This thrilling new concept premieres June 24th at 8 pm.
24 contestants compete in an intense course of obstacles created with the audience’s barbaric hunger for crashes, bashes and wipeouts. Don’t feel too sorry for these contenders though because they are risking major neck injuries for the chance at $50,000 bucks! That’s much less than the Greatest American Dogs earnings. Hmmm?

Here’s a youtube video, check out these ordinary people nailing it! Now that’s all American.

The Factory

The pilot for this show airs June 29th on Spike TV.
Actors will improvise from an outline and everyone is going to know the storyline beforehand compared to most “reality shows” that claim otherwise. This is one of those unreality shows pretending to be a reality show. It’s getting confusing isn’t it?

According to what I’ve gathered via the web, which is not too much no matter how many sites I searched, the four guys grew up together, drink a lot of beer and now they work at the same factory together in a small town in Illinois. Obviously the trained actors were hired to make this whole scenario funny.

Celebrity Family Feud

Al Roker, the Today Show co-host is the ring leader for this circus. Oh wait that’s another show about celebs looking for a day job. Like most celebrity centered shows these family feuders will be competing for big bucks towards their favorite charities. Game 1 will be a face off between Ice T’s and Joan River’s clan. I read some place that Hugh Hefner’s ménage will be competing in one of the future episodes. I am referring to the word ménage meaning family according to the Roget’s II: The New Thesaurus, for those of you thinking otherwise.

This show is becoming more and more interesting to me as I type this. The premiere of this innovative spin on an old classic is June 24th.

The Two Coreys

June 22nd, A&E brings back The Two Corey’s. This amazes me because I don’t know of one person who watched an entire season and liked it. I like reality shows, and I know there is really no such thing as a reality show, they are all manufactured by creative writers, producers and casting directors. This one takes it to a new level of unreality when you know the two Corey’s are straining their eyes reading off lines from a giant cue card. Bad reality show acting at it’s best. I’ll be tuning in though because I’m curious like that.

You can face off with The Two Corey’s on A&E’s Corey vs. Corey game. Yeah this is real life drama people! Which Corey do you want to be?

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