5 Infomercial Inspired Ideas

Written by Suzanne on January 8, 2010 – 12:00 am -

The 5 on Friday

Infomercials and As Seen on TV products have been around for decades. It seems that every week there’s another fabulous product for only $19.99. Seeing these commercials & fascinating new product innovations over and over got me thinking. Maybe I’m watching way too much TV.

But wait! There’s more! No not really, but here are 5 Infomercial Inspired Ideas to ponder:


Back in the 80’s we got our hair lift from teasing and a can of Aqua Net. Sorry ozone layer! These days there’s an easier and less hazardous solution called the Bumpit. They even have a Hollywood Bumpit. Yeah baby!

Changing ones head shape with hair is nothing new. Look at Marie Antoinette or Annette Funicello. But can the Bumpit withstand a Beach Blanket Bingo?


The Big Top Cupcake

Do we really need colossal sized cupcakes? My 8 year old thinks so. These cupcakes could feed The Brady Bunch because they’re 25x bigger than a normal size cupcake. 25x BIGGER! They can be filled with all sorts of tasty stuff like pudding and ice cream. You can have a cupcake with 2 flavors in one. Get inspired with all the fun ideas in the Big Top Cupcake Gallery, click here.

Don’t eat that whole Big Top at once! You might have some wacky cupcake dreams.

The Potty Patch

This is a tempting product for our household because we adopted an adorable and neurotic little Chihuahua named Nash a few years ago. He was an outside dog before we brought him to our home and like many Chi’s he has potty issues.

Maybe I should bring in a little bit of the outside with The Potty Patch. Let’s look at what this cute little Airedale named Basil thinks about it.

The InStyler

As a housewife I’m rarely in style with anything but this amazing rotating hot iron got me thinking about actually styling my hair once and awhile. They say it “styles faster than you ever dreamed possible” so I’m thinking being in style everyday could become a reality.

Redbook bestowed their MVP Most Valuable Product of 2009 on The InStyler. Let’s take a look as these Hollywood types use the InStyler to transform Haley’s fine, limp, no-body hair to something with kick, lift and WOW!

What do you think? Are you InStyle?

The Perfect Brownie Maker

My favorite dessert just might be brownies. I could eat a whole tray full. If had a tray full of perfect brownies I might eat two!

Perfect brownies are great but special brownies can get you in some deep hot fudge. Make sure all your ingredients are safe. If not, be sure to remember how many brownies you ate before calling 911. Check out this animation via Current about the cop who had too many special brownies.

Happy 5 on Friday! Here’s a song by the group CunninLynguists you can sing all weekend long.

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