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Written by Suzanne on April 17, 2009 – 12:00 am -

Definition of a tweet: A tweet is a post or status update on Twitter, a microblogging service.

This week has been full of tweets about tea parties, Ashton Kutcher  vs. CNN in a follower race, and Oprah’s anticipated debut on twitter. All this twittering in the news made me think about the cool finds I’ve found on twitter in the form of talented people with notable websites and impressive ideas.

The 5 on Friday

Here are my 5 Cool Twitter Finds:

The Wrecking Ball Radio Show

During my twitter travels I came across a musician and radio show host named Jayson who can be found as @mystic23  on twitter.

Every Wednesday night 9-11 EST he hosts The Wrecking Ball Radio Show via WCOM in downtown Carrboro, NC Thanks to the powers of cyberspace we can listen online at www.communityradio.coop

His radio show has an eclectic mix of tunes. Some nights themes are present which add to the intrigue of his unique playlists. Click here for The Wrecking Ball Radio Show blog that includes information, previous playlists and posts by Jayson.

Jayson can also he heard through his own music called Subliminal Erotica, a mix of Alternative, Ambient, and Experimental music. Take a listen to Subliminal Erotica on ReverbNation.

Fused Film

Fused Film was the first site to be listed in My Neighborhood blog roll. Their weekly trailers, DVD & movie reviews, latest news, and even podcasts are edutainment for anyone that loves finding out what’s happening and what’s coming soon.

With an informed and passionate staff Fused Film is worthy of a bookmark and RSS feed subscription.

Follow them @fusedfilm  as they continue “Blogging Film News and Fanboy Commentary One Post at a Time!”

Forces of Geek

I took notice of Forces of Geek because the name is so much fun. I followed them on twitter and since cyberspace can be a small world I was delighted to find out my friend Audrey M. Brown writes a column for them entitled (Lady) Geeks Have All the Fun.

Forces of Geek’s slogan is Obsession Is Not a Choice and you have no choice not to check out their contests, interviews, reviews and columns written by the forces of skillful writers. If you’re obsessed with pop culture or anything remotely geeky you need to follow @ForcesOfGeek

The Daily Blonde

The Daily Blonde, a.k.a. Cheryl Phillips is a single mom of five with a snarky view all her own, speaking her mind since 1963. I found her while eavesdropping on her tweets to @jeanettejoy  a friend of mine in the offline world and also quite the twitter celeb herself.

I was intrigued right away by Cheryl’s witty conversations on twitter so I decided to take a look at her blog, The Daily Blonde. Not only does she have a huge following of avid blog readers she’s also a small business supporter recently swapping out big biz to small biz ads on her site.

Her posts go viral all the time being dug by viewers on Digg, and retweeted on twitter. Cheryl’s upbeat attitude mixed with her “tell it like it is” commentary on life make The Daily Blonde  a great place to visit when you want a thought to ponder, a good laugh, or a tasty recipe.

Follow Cheryl @TheDailyBlonde

Rizzo Tees

Many of you know my love for Graphic T-shirts. Normally I wear Cry Baby, Pippi Longstocking or Partridge Family Tees with pride. Rizzo Tees sells funny shirts  with hip graphics and text such as “Easy Like Sunday Morning”, “Do it for the Halibut” and “Barack That Ass Up”.

It was easy to find Chris from Rizzo Tees on twitter because he has oodles of followers, maybe not as many as Ashton Kutcher but he’s on his way. His tweets are funny and informative and never SPAM’y, you know this housewife never touches that nasty stuff.

The cool thing about Chris, besides his fun shirts, is he’s a true entrepreneur working out of his basement, also known as “Rizzo World HQ” or “ManLand”. He has a full-time job, so he works on Rizzo Tees at night and he prints, picks, packs, and ships the orders himself.

Check out rizzotees.com  and follow @rizzotees for fun tweets & even some promotional sales info.

I love a tweet convo over a Cup of Joe in the morning, look for me @suzannehih

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