Get Together and Feel Alright

Written by Suzanne on April 23, 2009 – 6:53 am -

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I’ve been in a Reggae mood the last few days, breaking out my Bob Marley and moving to the Movement of Jah People.

The condition of our planets people should not be overlooked. With all the talk about protecting Earth’s resources, let’s get together and feel alright. Many believe Reggae music has almost a meditative quality leading to inspiration and healing.

Click here to view One Love put together in honor of Bob Marley’s birthday February 6th, by global musical movement Playing for Change. For those of you with kiddos in your life, check out Ziggy Marley’s latest album Family Time.

A MySpace friend of mine sent me a video of the show Caribbean Beats. His name is White Rock Willie. People often get him confused with Captain Jack Sparrow but he’s actually a cousin of said savvy pirate.

White Rock Willie helped introduce some of the ”feel good music” on Season 5, scene 8 of Caribbean Beats in White Rock British Columbia, Canada.

Take a break and move with some Caribbean Beats. You’ll be feeling irie in no time mon!

Who’s your favorite Reggae musician?

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