Comic Con 2008

Written by Suzanne on July 26, 2008 – 4:03 pm -

My memory proved me wrong, this turned out to be my first Comic Con and I didn’t realize it. I had been to a much smaller comic book convention in the early 90’s. I was not prepared for the vastness of Comic Con and was lost for quite some time before I stopped to look for directions rather than just roam around.

Roaming around didn’t happen until I spent almost an hour circling the Historic Gaslamp Quarter in San Diego because every lot was full. When I did find a parking place it was more than a nice walk away at Seaport Village. Lucky for me, I was escorted to the Convention Center that had been completely taken over by Comic Con 2008.

Once I got there I was in a whirlwind of costumes, surrounded by comic fans carrying bags of free merchandise. In the exhibit area it was a bit of overload to the senses with so much to take in. There were photo opps with superheroes, figurines, comics, artist sketches, towering statues, and stages with scantily clad girls doing a superhero fashion show. Not to mention the curious waft of smells that would happen each time I was surrounded by a group of people. Lots of sweat, pungent socks, and could you please take a shower before you come to an event, sort of smells. Ahh the fun of being herded together like cattle.

Lots of pop culture at every turn but two pop culture phenomena grabbed my attention, Pokémon and Corey Feldman. There was a large Pokémon area for Pikachu lovers to explore. Further down the floor Corey Feldman was atop a stage doing a plug for his new movie Lost Boys: The Tribe. This is the sequel to the 80’s movie The Lost Boys. I am a fan of the first one so I’ll leave it at that.

Hours passed and I was more worn out than a full day of housecleaning by the time I checked out the booths on the small press floor. I can see now why people attend the Comic Con for days because it’s tough to get the full effect in one.

I was happy to get back to Seaport Village where I parked my car with ample amount of space, cool outdoor breeze and view of the San Diego Bay. Overall, it was an eventful day for this housewife, but I was more than ready to get back to some housecleaning. I can only take so much excitement.

Thanks to Ms. Monster and Captain Jack Sparrow for their shout outs.
You can find out more about Ms. Monster and her Hel on Ice show, she’s quite the entrepreneur and looks so good blue, at

Ron Rodriguez was the actual “Captain Jack Photo Double” for the real Johnny Depp during the making of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. If you’re looking for a Captain Jack for your next party or event go to and contact Ron.

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5 of my Favorite Comics

Written by Suzanne on July 25, 2008 – 3:00 am -


Ever since my teenage years, I’ve liked comic books. I am fascinated by the artwork, and intrigued by the ongoing storylines. I was never a collector or a die-hard fan but I still continue to admire classic comics, and I’m interested in a few of the latest characters and stories.

I’m off to the San Diego Comic Con 2008 eager to see interesting comics, merchandise and most of all meet with some talented people. So today’s 5 on Friday topic is:

5 of my Favorite Comics


As a teen, X-Men, was the first comic introduced to me by my comic book loving friends. It was also the first comic to grab my interest. Maybe it’s because the storyline is like a continuing soap opera with characters in love, out of love, dead, not dead, and X-Men has many kick-butt female characters for a girl like me to admire. My favorite is Jean Grey, aka Phoenix, also starring in the Dark Phoenix Saga.

Rex Mundi


Lucky for me I was introduced to Rex Mundi by my favorite actor Johnny Depp. Without my JDOCD (Johnny Depp Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) I might not have read Rex Mundi. You can read my interview with writer Arvid Nelson here. Be on the lookout for the latest edition of Rex Mundi, and production stories about Depp making this literary graphic novel into a film.


Thanks to Stan Lee for this cool character in the Marvel Comic Universe. Not sure why I think this guy is such a cool dude but with a name like Daredevil how can you not be.

“Daredevil is notable as being among the few superheroes with a disability, being blinded as a youth in a radioactive accident that also drastically heightened his remaining senses and gave him a “radar-sense” allowing him to perceive his surroundings. His public identity is Matt Murdock, a successful attorney-at-law.”–Wikipedia


Once again another Marvel comic book co-created, by Stan Lee.

Nice guy turned superhero is always a great setup for a comic book story. This coming of age chronicle about a young guy bitten by a super spider and learning to use his powers for good and not evil makes Spider-Man a favorite for generations to come.

Wonder Woman

Being one of the first female comic book characters to be deemed a superhero I had to add Wonder Woman to the list. You go girl!

Wonder woman doesn’t get the official first female superhero title, that honor goes to a housewife. A 5’10”, 230 pound housewife affiliated with the Justice League who wore longjohns and carried a saucepan, named Ma Hunkle aka Red Tornado. Thank goodness for Wonder Woman!

I’m sure you’ve heard or been a part of a debate about who would beat who in a superhero battle. Usually it’s a battle between a Marvel vs. a DC character, example Spider-Man vs. Superman. I haven’t a clue as to who would win, or how they’d do it but I’ll be surrounded by people at the Comic Con that will tell me what they think. Check out these creative and fun videos from ItsJustSomeRandomGuy on YouTube.

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