Endorphins Kicking with The Chemical Brothers

Written by Suzanne on June 25, 2008 – 8:22 am -

This housewife has way too much junk in her trunk, and that’s not just in my mini-van. So to rid myself of the excess baggage around my midsection I’ve upped my work out schedule. Normally this would be a grueling task worse than 10 loads of laundry but I’m equipped with the endorphin pumping playlist of The Chemical Brothers.

Many of you have probably known about The Chemical Brothers for years but I just heard about them about two years ago when my younger brother had their song Do It Again on his Myspace profile.

I’ve never been one to sweat to the oldies. I love vintage, retro music, but it does nothing to motivate me into burning off calories. The Chemical Brothers alone can fuel your work outs. Their electronic music with pulsing beats help to keep me pushing on past my fatigue level. This is one of my favorite songs and music videos. The message is great too, Get Yourself High:

I’ve heard their live acts are amazing with strobe lights, psychedelic imagery and lasers that project over the crowd. If only I could find an aerobics class like that I’d burn off 1000 calories a day! Too bad we didn’t already have Star Trek like holodecks where we could submerge ourselves into a dance club effect without ordering fattening, and unhealthy beverages. Of course that could always be used the wrong way and we could spend our time goofing around like Captain Piccard, Data, and Riker.
What a waste of technology!

What’s on your playlist; what music gets your body moving?

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