5 Reasons I Like MySpace

Written by Suzanne on August 7, 2008 – 12:00 pm -


This might be a controversial topic for some because I’ve met more than a few people that despise MySpace. Mention you have an account and they’ll shake their heads at how stupid they think you must be. If you’re over 30 you might even get more than a good head shaking.

Logging into MySpace is one of the first things I do every morning and here are some reasons why.

5 reasons I like Myspace:

1. Music

I’ve found so many great new artists, like The Rayees, while hopping from friend to friend, or searching for music through MySpace listings. You can find out more about The Rayees under my Interviews Category. Adding songs to my profile is one of my favorite things to do on the web, besides hearing songs on my friends profile pages of course.

2. Visuals

Adding photos from my Photobucket account, or videos from YouTube makes my MySpace, my space. Photographers, and artists can use their profile page like a window to an internet art gallery. My alter ego and great logo was designed by an artist I met through MySpace named George Davis.

I found Mario Della Casa, the celebrity artist and Jeannie bottle maker, while I was looking at  his friend Anthony Michael Hall’s  MySpace page. Go to my Interviews Category to read more about Mario.

3. Networking

Before having my own site I never understood the concept of networking through a social network. Now I can see how amazing it can be. I make a friend with you, you make a friend with me, your friend tells their friends, my friends tells their friends, and we do it so effortlessly while listening, viewing and reading information about one another. Sort of like the old Faberge commercial remember… you’ll tell 2 friends and they’ll tell 2 friends, now you got it, and so on…

4. Bulletins

These are a nifty MySpace feature that many of my friends use daily. It’s a great way to tell everyone what you are up to, what you are going to do and anything you want to shout out. John Cusack uses bulletins quite often to let War, Inc. movie fans know the latest news about the film. Check out my review of War, Inc. under my Reviews Category.

5. Blogging

The blog section is a great place to share ideas, thoughts, and information with people. I use it to let my MySpace friends know what’s been happening on Housewife in Hollywood.com. For people who don’t want their own blog site it’s a nifty way to have the blogging experience without having their own site to manage.

I’m on Facebook but it’s not visual enough for me and the drop down menus drive me a bit nutty. Not to mention all the little applications that can be added, I just can’t keep up. I do have an account but if I had to choose I’d go with MySpace.
Check out this Facebook song by Rhett & Link.

Suzanne Hamilton's Facebook profile

Visit me at myspace.com/bippityboppityblog

So how about you? What’s your social network preference?

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Housewife in Hollywood Gets a Makeover

Written by Suzanne on July 15, 2008 – 9:57 am -

Thanks to George Davis for my new logo design. George aka GEO is a talented artist specializing in comic book, tattoo, rock band, and tiki art. He also made my alter ego look like a housewife hottie! If only I could erase and color in my real self each morning I’d have loads of fun getting all dolled up.

George is also a member of The Fairfield Fats Band.
If you’re near the San Diego, CA area on Friday the 18th stop by the Tiki House for the 8:00pm show, and tell him the Housewife in Hollywood sent you.

Find out more about George Davis, and his awesome artwork at http://www.myspace.com/tikigeo

Merchandise featuring this new design will be available soon at the Housewife in Hollywood Shop!

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