Happy New Year

Written by Suzanne on December 31, 2008 – 9:47 am -


I have to say that 2008 has been a pretty good year for Housewife in Hollywood.com

I started this zany idea in May with a birthday trip to The La Jolla Comedy Store. Since that time I’ve met many interesting people. I’ve interviewed musicians, actors, an artist, a writer, a director, a pirate queen, and the legendary Jack LaLanne.

2009 will bring extra excitement to Housewife in Hollywood.com! More interviews with talented individuals! More trivial small talk about all things pop culture! More cute videos of Chihuahuas!

Thank you to all the visitors. Thanks to all my MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter friends for your wonderful comments, support, and friendship.

Thank you to my family, friend’s offline, and the “man behind the green curtain” who is there to help when I’m clueless about techy internet stuff.

It’s time to celebrate! Hang up that disco ball, turn on the strobe lights and turn up the volume on your MP3 list! Here’s one of my favorite celebration songs from the fabulous Daft Punk.

Don’t forget to watch Dick Clark ring in the New Year with his traditional countdown on ABC.

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