Magic Mushabooms

Written by Suzanne on December 11, 2008 – 8:41 am -

I love when the house smells like freshly baked cinnamon rolls, apple pie, or even a hint of gardenia and jasmine. If I was like Martha Stewart I’d probably bake every morning, or collect fresh flowers from my garden. Alas, I just never get around to planting a garden and my daughter uses all our pantry items for science concoctions. The next logical idea would be to purchase something that smells like apple pie or gardenias.

I am a household smell snob mostly because I feel quite allergic to the yummy smelling house and air fresheners on the store shelves. Glade, Wick and most other brands have an assortment of fragrant candles, sprays, and plug-ins that I like at first but after about 15 minutes of breathing in their chemically enhanced ingredients I get major sinus pressure, a runny nose and an irritating headache. So I opt for the higher priced “natural air spray”. They never seem to have creative smells like candy apple cinnamon so my house always smells like oranges, if I’m lucky that is. Lucky, meaning I’ve been a good housewife and kept the place odor-free. There’s nothing like the smell of clumped kitty litter to get a housewife off the internet and back to work.

I came across a retro commercial for the Magic Mushroom. Remember this one? I had blocked it out of memory. It would be magical if they created organic, natural air fresheners offered in 31 delicious flavors that refreshed our homes without causing breathing problems.

So there aren’t really magic mushrooms, well…not any used for air freshening anyway, but there is a great song called Mushaboom by Feist.

Let’s just breathe in the natural smell coming from the leftover pans in the kitchen I didn’t get to last night. Oops, typing out loud again. Sorry.

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