Monday Smiles

Written by Suzanne on June 30, 2008 – 9:05 am -


This is my first Monday Smiles post. It won’t happen every Monday because that would be annoying but every once in awhile when the mood is right I’ll be posting something to take the manic out of Monday and replace it with that sunshine day feeling. Click sunshine day if you aren’t offended by retro Brady Bunch clips.

I came across a not so recent video circulating the net of Johnny Depp in Japan while he was promoting Pirates 3. I’ve seen it before, but I had to post this for people who haven’t seen it already and for those of you in need of a few Monday Smiles.

The little girls in this clip are not only adorable they are scary talented. Johnny Depp is impressed by their performing abilities, yet in some moments he appears a tad terrified. You’ll see what I mean if you watch this Japanese television clip. Even if you aren’t a Depp fan, you’ll appreciate the originality and talent of these little performers. I would also like to find out what these kids eat for breakfast. With energy like that I could clean up the whole house in a matter of minutes.

For the viewers out there unaware of Johnny Depp’s appreciative attitude towards fans you can see it in this video. The way he shakes each girl’s hand, and looks them right in the eye to say thank you is how he greets every fan he meets no matter what country, state, or city he’s in.

I’m not trying to inflict anyone else with JDOCD, it will happen eventually whether you like or not.

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