Remembering Sherwood Shwartz

Written by Suzanne on July 12, 2011 – 2:10 pm -

Two shows I reference a lot are Gilligan’s Island and The Brady Bunch. Both of these shows were created by writer/producer Sherwood Shwartz. He was 94 years old and passed away today.

What I like the best about Gilligan’s Island, besides the elaborate stuff they had made out of island materials, are the characters. Each role is unique and the group dynamic worked so well. It was such a kitschy campy show with nothing but fun. I wanted to leave on a 3 hour tour and be stranded with Ginger, Mary Ann, the Professer, the Howell’s, the Skipper, and of course Gilligan.

Watch Gilligan’s Island:

Ah the Brady Bunch. How many life lessons did we learn from the Brady Bunch? When it’s time to change we have to rearrange, who we are into what we’re gonna be.

Watch the Brady Bunch:

Find out more about show creator, writer & producer Sherwood Shwartz. Click here.

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