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Written by Suzanne on April 13, 2009 – 8:43 am -

On my birthday last year I went to The La Jolla Comedy Store to see Pauly Shore. Pauly was funny but I was more impressed by one of the other stand up comedians of the night, Stephen Kramer Glickman. Not only was Stephen a funny dude he was also a nice guy chatting with me after the show and happily posing with audience members for pictures. He told me a bit about himself and just when I was getting to know him better it was time for his next show. Almost a year later I wanted to reconnect with this talented comedian, musician, actor, idea maker, and sometimes superhero.


Here’s my interview with Stephen Kramer Glickman.

HIH: Lyme Aid is the name of the comedy benefit for your sister who is suffering with Lyme disease. The most recent event was at The Comedy Store in Hollywood with Andy Dick, Jeffrey Ross, Bobby Lee, Mo Collins, John Caparulo, Ian Edwards, and Erin Foley. Any future dates and locations for Lyme Aid?

Stephen: We are currently talking with some very big comics in NYC and San Francisco. The benefits in San Diego and Los Angeles were amazing and my whole family really appreciates it, my sister especially. The benefit in L.A. was at the world famous comedy store on sunset and was one of the craziest nights I’ve ever had. This tux rental shop called “Friar Tux” gave me a free tux for the night. I feel weird in a tux; I look like I ate Hugh Hefner.


HIH: When I saw you perform at the La Jolla Comedy Store I remember your act giving much love to your mom. Are you a mama’s boy or is it all just an act?

Stephen: Naw, it’s real. I talk to my mom everyday and she is amazing. When I was growing up it was just her, my sister and me. My mom battled and beat cancer many years ago and it brought us much closer. I’ve been doing those mom jokes for 5 years now and I still love doing them.

HIH: You played the role of Shrek in the Broadway Staged Reading and the Broadway Workshop of Shrek the Musical in New York City. What was that experience like?

Stephen: It changed my whole life, in every way imaginable. I went from phone operator at the comedy store, to being the star of the biggest budget Broadway show in history, a 44 million dollar budget. I got signed by my manager, I got to live in a penthouse overlooking central park and I got to see any show I wanted to see on Broadway and for a kid that has been doing musical theatre since the 2nd grade it was a dream come true. Every few days I’d sit in the make-up chair for 8 to 10 hours being turned into “Shrek”. I was in rehearsal 6 days a week, 10 hours a day and I loved every minute. I got to work one on one with Jeffrey Katzenberg (CEO of DreamWorks), Sam Mendes (Oscar winning director of Revolutionary Road and American Beauty), Jason Moore (director of Avenue Q), Bill Dimashke (president of DreamWorks animation) as well as working with Tony winners Sutton Foster and Chris Seiber. My favorite person to work with was the actor that played donkey, Dean Edwards (former cast member of Saturday Night Live). He is like family to me and we still talk on a regular basis.

HIH: You were a recurring character on ABC’s Carpoolers starring Jerry O’Connell. Do you prefer being in a production on stage or on set?

Stephen: I love being on set just a bit more. The whole reason I started acting was to get cast some day on TV. TV is the funniest shit ever. Stage acting is very intense and a very joyful experience as well, but TV is fun as hell. I just shot a pilot with Nickelodeon and we got to improvise so much funny stuff. I’m hooked.

HIH: In the DVD/CD/comedy central special “Jeffrey Ross; No Offense- Live from New Jersey” you played Larry the Toll Booth Worker that plays the piano. What came first in your life, music or comedy?

Stephen: Well, music came 1st sort of. My grandmother taught me how to play the piano when I was two years old and I’ve been playing ever since, however the 1st song she taught me was called “c-c-c-catie” a song about a man that has a stuttering problem. Super funny.

HIH: What is the comedy scene like? It seems like many comedians create projects together and help promote one another. Is it one big happy family most of the time?

Stephen: Yeah, you could say that. We are like a big happy family that gets drunk and makes fun of each other. Comedians are probably some of the strangest most screwed up people on the planet, but you get enough of us together, like at a comedy club, and we level each other out. The only people more screwed up than comedians are musical theatre actors. Yikes.

HIH: If you could pick one comedian you admire the most, past or present, which one would it be? I know picking one is always tough but try it.

Stephen: Easy. Mel Brooks. He has been funny forever and I am a huge fan. I mean, the 2000 year old man. Fuck ya!

HIH: Your MySpace Comedy profile has a lot of great videos. You directed some of them and even created your own idea for a show about superheroes. Tell us about that.

Stephen: The show you speak of is “Super True Story” a pilot created by Comedian Nader Modarres and me. We also star in it along with super model, Fabio and Scott Thompson from kids in the hall. It’s the story about two lovable losers that happen to be superheroes and are struggling to find fame, fortune and pay the rent, in a world populated by tons of superheroes. Currently we are in talks with two major networks about it. The show is super funny.


HIH: Speaking of superheroes, are you more of a Marvel or DC kind of guy?

Stephen: I love DC for the costumes but Marvel has the coolest superheroes ever.

HIH: I noticed on your MySpace profile, under the Who I’d Like to Meet section, you wrote “Women that are looking for a young guy that looks old and is also fat.”

What sort of bachelor are you? Do you like your single life or are you looking for love in all the right places?

Stephen: I’m the worst with women. I have dated and hooked up with some of the craziest women in L.A. I am currently looking for a girl that won’t stab me while I’m sleeping. I like being single but I want to meet some cute girl and fall in love. I dated a girl for a while, she was very short and thin and as you know, I’m a huge big guy. We had to walk next to each other when we were walking down the street because if she walked in front of me, it looked like I was hunting her. For now though, I am still enjoying the single life and dating all kinds of women…even a few midgets. Did I say too much?

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