Super True Stephen

Written by Suzanne on May 11, 2010 – 10:56 am -

Do you know Stephen Kramer Glickman? I bet you do. If you watch Nickelodeon you know him from the series Big Time Rush. You know the show with all the Teen Bop looking guys? Okay, well Stephen isn’t one of them but he plays Gustavo in the series. Gustavo… GUUUSTAVO…GuSTAVo. Such a fun name to say isn’t it?

Gustavo Rocque is the record producer hoping for a Big Time hit with hockey players turned boy band. He reminds me of Donald Duck meets Mr. Kincaid (Partridge Family). Parenthesis for peeps not acquainted with retro reruns.

I did an interview with Stephen Kramer Glickman before Big Time Rush aired. Check out this link to go back in time and hear what Stephen had to say:

Stephen told me about a web series he was working on called Super True Story. Now we can watch the series via YouTube. Here’s part one:

If you haven’t seen Nickelodeon’s Big Time Rush you can click here to find show times and more info. Yeah I know a lot of clicking today, but I think you can handle it.

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