Teachers are People

Written by Suzanne on August 22, 2011 – 9:35 am -

Here at the Housewife in Hollywood household we do “homeschool”. Homeschool is not for everyone but it works for us.

Since embarking on our homeschool adventure years ago, one thing I’ve learned is that I don’t think of myself as a teacher. I am a facilitator, guidance counselor, driver, cafeteria worker… it’s a long list that can be summed up with one word…MOM.

Like most parents I do my fair share of teaching but I don’t like to be called a teacher. I believe the role of teacher is reserved for those that are either experts in their field or teach to the masses.

As a homeschool parent my role is to be sure my kiddo gets a great education. Sometimes I teach a thing or two, but most of the time I set the stage for active learning. So let’s add set designer into the mix. I design goals and set the stage so the kiddo can shine. I find classes, activities, books, online curriculum, TV shows, movies, other resources and then we use them.

We are all students and teachers in this curious world of ours but I like to leave the designated title of Teacher to the professionals.

Let’s watch Disney’s classroom spoof starring none other than their number one Goof:

Are there any teachers or homeschool parents in the HIH classroom today?

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