Like Valley Girl

Written by Suzanne on July 27, 2011 – 8:22 am -

So I like did a search on my site using the totally tubular words VALLEY GIRL and like OH me gawd I didn’t get anything?
That’s like so uncool, right? Fer sher! Totally!

I had to like put something up like so this minute because like oh me gawd! That was like so much an awesomely huge part of like my existence you know? Oh ME gawd!
There was a time when I tried like so hard to like talk with as many like “likes” as I could, right? You remember don’t you? Really? Are you fer sher?

Well it was this totally bitchin’ time in the 80’s and there was like all this awesome music. Totally rad colors like fluorescent ya know? Pinks, greens, yellows. There was like lightning bolt earrings and shades that look like those window thingys, you know shades like the ones you wear on your face. Fer sher!

Like OH me gawd, just like the raddest time could be spent like at the mall. You remember don’t you? Really?

OK, ok so like here’s some videos I like found on the internet which would have been so totally awesome back in say 1984. OH me gawd, like all we had then was like MTV and like arcades and like the Atari like 64. Oh and like 3 Way Calling which was like so cool. OK, ok! So here’s the videos:

I wasn’t from the Valley I was like from Chula Vista. Like oh me gawd it’s like still in California so that’s like why I thought it was so cool to be part of that scene. Ya know?

A contest? Like nobody told me about a contest?

So some of the comments on this next video like please, gag me with a spoon! But this video from Solid Gold is hot like Nicolas Cage! Totally!

Were you ever like a Valley Girl or did you want to say, “Oh me gawd bag your face!” every time one talked near you?

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