Whistle While You Work

Written by Suzanne on December 16, 2008 – 12:46 pm -

While I’m scrubbing the tub, and vacuuming up those nasty little dust bunnies I try to give a little whistle to brighten up each task.

Following the advice of Snow White, and Mary Poppins I try to whistle or hum a merry tune with every task I undertake, especially those tasks in the domestic engineering category. For all you Broadway fans out there, Mary Poppins, the perfectly magical musical will be on tour in 2009.

Luckily, when I whistle it’s muffled by the roar of the vacuum or garbage disposal. It’s not a sound meant for anyone’s enjoyment or entertainment. I wasn’t aware of professional whistlers like Geert Chatrou, the 2004 International Grand Master Champion.

There are many whistlers with a variety of styles:





Ronnie Ronalde claims to be the World’s Best Whistler. He even has a book for sale called Around the World on a Whistle.

“The famous entertainer has spent his life travelling the world singing and yodeling and with his piercing whistle performed with Duke Ellington, Sophie Tucker, Edith Piaf, Josef Locke, Olsen and Johnson, Julie Andrews, Laurel and Hardy, Ginger Rogers, Tony Pastor, Cavan O’Connor, Arthur Tracey, Gracie Fields, Max Bygraves, Benny Hill, Peter Sellers, Sir Harry Secombe, Sandy Powell, Catarina Valente, Neil Finn and so many more.”

According to Ronnie’s book, he even made Marilyn Monroe shiver.

Maybe I should take a few lessons from these whistling experts so I don’t have to close all the windows while I do housework.

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