Review of War, Inc.

Written by Suzanne on May 26, 2008

I took the one hour and forty minute drive to see War, Inc. yesterday, at the Landmark Theatre in LA. My sister-in-law went with and we were a bit shocked by the international airport appeal of the place. We hadn’t been to the Landmark before and because it featured mostly Indy films we were expecting a lot less grandeur and a bit more bohemian flair. We did appreciate the array of authentic treats from around the world at the concession stand, and the vinyl first class seats in the theater were very comfortable. It wasn’t the place I pictured this political satire to be playing, but the house was packed and it wasn’t the revolutionary types I anticipated. It would have been nice to see more of a rebellious under 35 year old crowd but they might have waited for the later show. With all the bulletins John Cusack sent out to his Myspace friends, I thought I’d be surrounded by more than a few empty seats but this wasn’t the case and a good sign that America is ready for what this film has to say.

Many reviews are giving Hillary Duff thumbs up and I agree but I think John Cusack, and Marisa Tomei, kept the movie going. Joan Cusack is great for comic relief throughout the film. I’d be laughing at her character, dialogue, and contorted expressions but within a beat the idea would change and I’d be pondering the current world we live in, finding myself going to a not so happy place but being knocked out of it again by something wittingly funny or downright silly. Montel Williams lends his voice talent to Guidestar, the KITT like device Cusack’s character confides in while contemplating his current position in life.

While watching this movie, questions arise about where we are now and where we could be in the future. Although some of the ideas seem completely fictional, their eerie brush on realism is what jolted my mind into our existing state of affairs. You can’t help leaving War, Inc. without checking up on our political agenda, including the politics of corporations and media at large.

This housewife pops up 3 out of 4 waffles for this film! But don’t listen to me or any other wannabe movie critic, check out War, Inc. for yourself and write your own review.




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  1. Donna Says:

    Reading the description of the theater and concession stand, I’d watch any movie there regardless of the number of waffles. I’ve only seen clips of the movie but it sounds like one that makes you think about serious things with a little humor thrown in. Nice review.

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